Hockey Helps the Homeless K-W

Craig Herner, president of Ultimate Vision Web & IT Solutions, has been a volunteer for Hockey Helps the Homeless K-W for six years (2014-2019). In the first five years we have been able to raise $781,000 for five local homelessness support agencies.


At Hockey Helps the Homeless, we leverage Canada’s affinity for hockey to support the over 250,000 men, women and children who will experience homelessness in Canada this year. We maximize our local impact by partnering with organizations that contribute to the ultimate goal of ending homelessness in communities across Canada.

Net proceeds raised through the Kitchener-Waterloo (K-W) Tournament will go directly to five homelessness support agencies in K-W: Lutherwood’s Safe Haven Shelter, House of Friendship, YW Kitchener-Waterloo, oneROOF Youth Services and HHUG.

These five organizations provide individuals and families with accommodations and the wholistic support they need to thrive, but we cannot do it alone.

We need you. Together, we will end homelessness in Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond.

These five local homeless support agencies provide emergency shelter and aim to create long term solutions to end homelessness.

FACT: Over 300 people on any given night experience absolute homelessness in the Waterloo Region

FACT: Our five partner organizations serve over 2000 individuals annually, through their shelter services

FACT: There are 2,719 applications on the housing waiting list

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Hockey Helps the Homeless